Thursday, March 23, 2017


  1. Sanity has a score, and edge, and threshold.
    1. Sanity Score: Equal to the sum of INT, WIS, and CHA scores (not modifier)
    2. Sanity Threshold: Equal to the modifier of highest mental ability score less sanity damage
    3. Sanity edge: one-half Sanity Score
  2. Sanity attack
    1. Will save to reduce sanity damage
    2. Whether successful or not, if sanity damage => Sanity Threshold, gain a madness
    3. If Sanity damage => Sanity Score, Insanity as per insanity with no saving throw until all sanity damage is healed and all madnesses are cured
  3.   Sanity Damage
    1. First time encountering a dead body
      1. DC: 10
      2. Failure: 1d3 
      3. Success: 0
    2. First time encountering gruesome scene of death
      1. DC: 12
      2. Failure 1d6
      3. Success: 1
    3. First time encountering horrifying creature
      1. DC: 10+CR
      2. Failure: one-half CR
      3. Success: one-quarter CR
    4. Each time encountering qlippoth or other particularly horrifying creature
      1. DC: 10+CR
      2. Failure: CR
      3. Success: one-half CR
    5. Each time encountering great old one
      1. DC: 15+CR
      2. Failure: Double CR
      3. Success: CR
  4. Healing sanity damage
    1. Seven full days of uninterrupted rest: CHA modifier (minimum 1)
    2. Other advisor: Seven days of eight-hour sessions. Advisor makes WIS or INT check with DC of 15 (if below sanity edge) or 20 otherwise. Add advisor's INT or WIS modifier to amount of sanity damage removed
    3. Lesser restoration: 1d2 once per day
    4. Restoration: 2d4 once per day
    5. Heal: 3d4 once per day
    6. Greater Restoration, Psychic surgery and limited wish each reduce sanity damage to zero if total sanity damage below Sanity Edge, otherwise reduce to 1 below Sanity Edge
    7. Miracle and Wish each reduce Sanity damage to zero.

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