Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fear Rules (rules about fear)

  1. We have two PCs who have gotten an automatic lesser madness. 
  2. Since we have gone into the dreamlands, I am going to begin using the madness and fear rules from Horror Adventures
  3. I will make a copy of the fear rules and madness rules to give to each of you, so that you know what is going on. The following is a summary:
    1. When exposed to something that engenders fear, the PC must make a will save. 
    2. Upon failure, the PC gets the appropriate level of fear.
    3. The levels of fear are:
      1. Spooked: -2 penalty vs fear effects and perception checks and +1 on initiative
      2. Shaken: -2 penalty on attacks, saves, skills, and abilities
      3. Scared: Shaken and additional -2 penalty vs fear effects. Additionally, failure vs a fear effect staggers the PC for one round.
      4. Frightened: Must move away from the object of fear
      5. Panicked: Drop items and flee in a random direction. All fear sources make you flee. If you cannot flee, you cower
      6. Terrified: Panicked. Do not treat allies as allies. Must attempt saving throws even for beneficial effects. Every round after fleeing
        1. 1-25: Continue to flee even without seeing an object of fear
        2. 26-50: Find a place to hide until discovered or no longer terrified
        3. 51-75: Attack nearest creature
        4. 76-100: Do nothing. 
      7. Horrified: No actions. -2 to AC. Flatfooted. Helpless.
    4. Fear immunity becomes fear resistance

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