Friday, April 7, 2017

Reality and the Dreamworld

  • Mile 580, Day 49
    • 4 Hanspur worshipers (druid 5)
      • 8 Alchemist fire
      • 4 wooden armor (APG)
      • 4 light wooden quickdraw shield (APG)
      • 4 +1 scimitar
      • 4 Spear
      • 4 cloak of resistance +1
      • 4 spell component pouch
      • 4 wooden holy symbols of Hanspur
      • 56 gp

  • Dream Quests
    • Viscount's Signet Ring
      • Signet Ring
      • Belt of mighty counstitution +2
    • Enchanted Woods
      • Tikbalang
      • 4 Lurkers in Light
      • Saved Nestor Bindlay
      • Ring of psychic mastery (OA)
      • Tree tiger smilodon (dire tiger) and 4 tree tigers (Tigers)
      • blue and purple tail
      • drinking horn of the panacea (ACG)

Thursday, March 23, 2017


  1. Sanity has a score, and edge, and threshold.
    1. Sanity Score: Equal to the sum of INT, WIS, and CHA scores (not modifier)
    2. Sanity Threshold: Equal to the modifier of highest mental ability score less sanity damage
    3. Sanity edge: one-half Sanity Score
  2. Sanity attack
    1. Will save to reduce sanity damage
    2. Whether successful or not, if sanity damage => Sanity Threshold, gain a madness
    3. If Sanity damage => Sanity Score, Insanity as per insanity with no saving throw until all sanity damage is healed and all madnesses are cured
  3.   Sanity Damage
    1. First time encountering a dead body
      1. DC: 10
      2. Failure: 1d3 
      3. Success: 0
    2. First time encountering gruesome scene of death
      1. DC: 12
      2. Failure 1d6
      3. Success: 1
    3. First time encountering horrifying creature
      1. DC: 10+CR
      2. Failure: one-half CR
      3. Success: one-quarter CR
    4. Each time encountering qlippoth or other particularly horrifying creature
      1. DC: 10+CR
      2. Failure: CR
      3. Success: one-half CR
    5. Each time encountering great old one
      1. DC: 15+CR
      2. Failure: Double CR
      3. Success: CR
  4. Healing sanity damage
    1. Seven full days of uninterrupted rest: CHA modifier (minimum 1)
    2. Other advisor: Seven days of eight-hour sessions. Advisor makes WIS or INT check with DC of 15 (if below sanity edge) or 20 otherwise. Add advisor's INT or WIS modifier to amount of sanity damage removed
    3. Lesser restoration: 1d2 once per day
    4. Restoration: 2d4 once per day
    5. Heal: 3d4 once per day
    6. Greater Restoration, Psychic surgery and limited wish each reduce sanity damage to zero if total sanity damage below Sanity Edge, otherwise reduce to 1 below Sanity Edge
    7. Miracle and Wish each reduce Sanity damage to zero.

Fear Rules (rules about fear)

  1. We have two PCs who have gotten an automatic lesser madness. 
  2. Since we have gone into the dreamlands, I am going to begin using the madness and fear rules from Horror Adventures
  3. I will make a copy of the fear rules and madness rules to give to each of you, so that you know what is going on. The following is a summary:
    1. When exposed to something that engenders fear, the PC must make a will save. 
    2. Upon failure, the PC gets the appropriate level of fear.
    3. The levels of fear are:
      1. Spooked: -2 penalty vs fear effects and perception checks and +1 on initiative
      2. Shaken: -2 penalty on attacks, saves, skills, and abilities
      3. Scared: Shaken and additional -2 penalty vs fear effects. Additionally, failure vs a fear effect staggers the PC for one round.
      4. Frightened: Must move away from the object of fear
      5. Panicked: Drop items and flee in a random direction. All fear sources make you flee. If you cannot flee, you cower
      6. Terrified: Panicked. Do not treat allies as allies. Must attempt saving throws even for beneficial effects. Every round after fleeing
        1. 1-25: Continue to flee even without seeing an object of fear
        2. 26-50: Find a place to hide until discovered or no longer terrified
        3. 51-75: Attack nearest creature
        4. 76-100: Do nothing. 
      7. Horrified: No actions. -2 to AC. Flatfooted. Helpless.
    4. Fear immunity becomes fear resistance

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Sellen Passage

  • Two dire crocodiles.
  • Day 39, The Faith Barge
    • Captain Hinks Argrup (blackstrike, Fighter 7/Assassin 1)
      • Potion of Blur
      • Potion of Bull's strength
      • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
      • +1 Greatsword
      • MWK Shortbow
      • Amulet of Natural Armor +1
      • Cloak of Resistance +1
      • Ring of protection +1
      • 219 gp
    • 8 Veteran buccaneers
      • 5 elixers of swimming
      • 8 potions of bull's strength
      • 16 potions of cure light wounds
      • 8 potions of jump
      • 8 alchemist's fire
      • 8 studded leather
      • 8 MWK heavy crossbow with bolts
      • 8 MWK scimitar
      • 8 throwing axe
      • 1,848 gp
  • Forsaken Caravanserai
    • H2: Guard Station
      • +1 Scimitar (but, it appears to be more magical)
    • H6, The shop
      • Animate dream shopkeep
      • Gem of seeing
      • five emeralds worth 1,000 gp each
    • H7: Dining room
      • Haunt
    • H8: Baths
      • Formless spawn (the winner!)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Dreams of the Yellow King: The Sellen Passage

  • Booked passage on the Sellen Starling
    • Captain Skywin Freeling
    • Gossa Kelkin and Wreben Malliver, professors returning to Cassomir
      • Gossa - expert on Architecture of the Age of Enthronement
      • Wreben - historian of the Shining Crusade
    • 12 Shipmates
  • 5 River Drakes
  • Pursuing pirates
  • 4 Vooniths
  • By researching Count Lowl's Journals you have found out:
    • His journeys occurred in the Dreamlands, a vast and relatively stable section of the Dimension of Dreams. You learn the fundamentals of travel in the Dreamlands: most types of damage experienced in the Dreamlands vanish upon waking except for mental ability score damage or drain; spells and items used in the Dreamlands are not expended upon waking; items found in the Dreamlands cannot be brought into the waking world, but persist from dream to dream; and death in the Dreamlands results in immediate traumatic awakening and permanent madness.
    • Lowls planned to reach a mysterious hermit in the Dreamlands known as the Mad Poet. This Mad Poet was dangerous unless appeased, and Lowls focused his investigation on how to best approach this inscrutable—and certainly sinister—figure.
    • Lowls selected a caravanserai in a vast Dreamlands desert as his initial destination. Here, he planned to talk with other dream travelers to gain information about how to locate and appease the Mad Poet.
    • You piece together the Dreamlands excursion occult ritual (see below) and can use it to travel to the Forsaken Caravanserai.

School conjuration (creation); Level 5
Casting Time 50 minutes
Components V, S, F (a miniature staircase made of polished
horn and ivory worth 25,000 gp), SC (at least 2 and up
to 8)
Skill Checks Knowledge (arcana) DC 25, 2 successes;
Knowledge (planes) DC 25, 3 successes
Range touch
Duration instantaneous; see text
Saving Throw none; SR no
Backlash All casters take 2d6 points of damage.
Failure An animate dream (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 29)
appears at the site of the ritual and attacks the casters.

This ritual must be cast at night on the Material Plane. The casters begin chanting the incantation while they pass around the miniature staircase, feeling each of its 70 steps. With each passing, the staircase appears a bit heavier and a bit larger. The primary caster drops the miniature staircase on the ground as the incantation is completed.

Success opens a portal where the staircase lands, revealing steps leading downward from wherever the ritual was performed (even if performed upon a rooftop or the deck of a ship). The casters can step forward to descend this staircase together; doing so puts the Material Plane bodies of the casters to sleep and thrusts their psyches into the Dreamlands. Before the completion of the ritual, the primary caster can utter a specific string of words that allows the portal to open in a specific area of the Dreamlands. Otherwise, the portal opens at the Forsaken Caravanserai. In the Dreamlands, the casters manifest lucid bodies identical to their Material Plane bodies, but take the ritual’s backlash damage.

Any caster wishing to wake from the Dreamlands and return to her body on the Material Plane must succeed at a DC 25 concentration check to do so. This is a full-round action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. The DC of this check is reduced by 1 for every 2d6 points of damage the traveler willingly takes to her physical body as part of the full-round action (this damage can’t be reduced in any way). If successful, the caster awakens. The caster can try again if she fails her concentration check. A caster can use her character level + her Charisma modifier as her bonus on the concentration check if she isn’t a spellcaster or if that value is higher than her usual concentration bonus.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Iris Hill Part III

  • F9: Lowl's Childhood Bedroom
    • Risi Nairgon (rogue 5/assassin 2)
      • Wand of Cure Moderate wounds (14 charges)
      • Wand of Invisibility (9 charges)
      • Black adder venom (5)
      • Padzahr (UE) (2)
      • striped toadstool
      • Tanglefoot bag
      • Mithral chain shirt
      • dagger
      • Hand crossbow and bolts
      • mwk rapier
      • MWK thieves' tools
      • sunrod (2)
      • 143 gp
  • G1 Wine cellar
    • Spirits worth 500 gp
  • G4 Family crypt
    • Weiralai (Denizen of Leng)
    • Jewels and other precious trappings from the dead aristocrats worth 4,500 gp
    • +1 Longsword hat sheds pale purple light equivalent to a light spell
    • Confabulation plates (price: 9,000 gp)
      • Approximately 10 inches on each side, these two square, brass-colored metal plates have rubber edges and screws at each corner used to tighten the plates like a clamp. In the center of the top plate is a eshy tube that ends in a suction cup ringed with tiny teeth. Next to the base of the tube is a small winding key that powers the device and a toggle switch that selects the device’s function (dead or plants).
      • To use the confabulation plates on a dead entity, the user must clamp the plates around part of the subject’s body and attach the tube to the subject’s bare skin. Then the user has to crank the winding key for 1 minute. Once this is complete, the user can ask the corpse two questions, and the response emits from the device in a metallic, buzzing tone. This effect is identical to speak with dead.
      • If the device is selected to be able to communicate with plants and clamped onto a plant, the user can communicate freely with the subject for 5 minutes as the spell speak with plants.
      • Confabulation plates can be used once per day. 
  • G5 Estate Storage
    • Keeper of the Yellow Sign
      • Treasure worth 1,350 gp
    • Apparel of a public official and a silver seal matrix -- a bell-shaped object with Thrushmoor's crest engraved on its flat bottom and a ring for string or ribbon at the top. Worth 10 gp, but Cesadia Wrentz will pay twice that just to be able to give it to the next magistrate.
  • G6 Well room
    • Rat king and seven dire rats
    • Pouch containing 17 gp, 43 sp, and a diamond ring worth 1,000 gp
  • G10 Star Stela
  • G11 Court of the Unspeakable one
    • Byakhee
      • Treasure worth 1,125 gp
    • Pnakotic Manuscripts
      • By spending a week of continual study - grant reader a +4 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge checks pertaining to conjuration magic or the gods and magic of the Old Cults.
      • Contains:
        • Gate
        • Greater Teleport
        • Greater Planar binding
        • Interplanetary Teleport (UM)
        • Lesser Planar Binding
        • Planar Binding
        • Plane Shift
        • Teleport
        • Teleport object
        • Teleportation Circle

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Iris Hill Part II

  • F3: Library
    • Manananggal
    • Bookplate of Recall (UE 284)
  • E3: Guesthouse lounge
    • Asa Lalith (aristocrat 2/rogue 3)
      • Potion of cure moderate wounds
      • Potion of invisibility
      • Mithral shirt
      • MWK dagger
      • Thieve's tools
      • Matching gold necklace and bracelet worth a total of 350 gp
    • Daelene Spence (sorcerer 6)
      • Wand of scorching ray (13 charges)
      • MWK dagger
      • Amulet of natural armor +1
      • Ring of protection +1
      • Pearl earrings worth 200 gp
      • Key
  • E5: Stable
    • Haunt of butchered horses
  • E6: Kitchen
    • 4 Kuru thugs
      • 4 hide armor
      • 4 clubs
  • G9 Cavern of the Elder Things
    • Elder Things