Monday, December 26, 2016

A listing of loot from Book 1

  • A1 Cellar
    • 15 gp of stray coins and cheap jewelry
  • B9 Boiler room
    • two  sunrods
  • B10 Storage
    • Lantern
    • Hammer
    • Five winter blankets
    • 10 feet of chain
    • Manacles
    • Tarnished silver necklace worth 5 gp
  • B11 Staff office
    • Wooden holy symbol of Pharasma
    • Small steel mirror
    • Gaudy red leather boots with cat skin lining worth 20 gp
  • B12 Ruined hall
    • Freshwater pearl necklace worth 200 gp
  • B13 Linen and drying
    • Three manacles
    • Disembodied, coin-sized eye with an x-shaped pupil. A buyer of curiosities might pay up to 250 gp for it.
  • B14 Laundry room
    • Key to manacles
    • Surgeon's tools (UE 79)
    • Handy haversack
      • 3 pp
      • Pearl of power (1st)
      • Phylactery of faithfulness
  • Doctor Oathsday
    • 48 gp
    • +1 dagger
  • C2 Consultation room
    • Padded armor
    • Sap
    • Two thunderstones
    • Golden ring worth 150 gp
  • C4 Visitor's room
    • Two masterwork silver daggers
    • Two Amulets of natural armor +1
    • Four potions of cure light wounds
  • C9 Conference room
    • Six flasks of alchemist fire
  • C10 Junior doctors' office
    • Wand of Bless (18 charges)
  • C12 Ruined office
    • Brooch of shielding
    • Cloak of Resistance +1
  • C13 Doctor Chawaar's office
    • Research on new treatments for hydrocephalus. Most medical institutions/scholars of medicine might pay up to 800 gp. But, if returned to Anya Chawaar, she'll pay up to 3,200 gp.

  • C14 Administrator Losandro's office
    • Brain-shaped wooden box worth 50 gp
    • Bookends depicting twin screaming and crying figures worth 50 gp
    • Brass Osirian pyramid worth 50 gp
    • Three books worth 100 gp each
      • On the treatment of Ambitions, Disappointments, and Regrets by Doctor Bearuigmand Trice
      • On Violent Sands by Doctor Henri Meirtmane
      • Galdyce's Guest: Feast of the Nosferatu by Ailson Kindler
    • Magnifying glass
    • Vial of Alchemist's Kindness (APG)
    • Vial of smelling salts
    • Two vials of soothe syrup (APG)
    • Four doses of antitoxin
    • Two doses of opium
    • Scroll of Fox's Cunning
    • Two scrolls of Remove Paralysis
    • Candle of Spirit Protection (OA)
    • Incense of open thoughts (OA)
    • Greater talisman of beneficial winds (OA)
    • Lesser talisman of healing power (OA)
    • Lesser talisman of warrior's courage (OA)
  • C18 Special Records
    • 40 gp
    • Six pearls worth 15 gp each
    • Calling card for the Thrushmoor offices of the Sleepless Detective Agency
    • +2 short sword = Red Destiny
  • D2 Patient rooms
    • Boots from Angier's Bootery worth 200 gp
    • Gold signet ring with the holly-and-hawk emblem of the Millair family of Redleaf Lake worth 50 gp
  • D5 Communal ward
    • Straightjacket (OA)
    • Hoodwink Cowl (OA)
  • D7 Storage closet
    • Studded leather armor
    • Cloak of resistance +1
    • Potion of bull's strength
    • Potion of protection from evil
  • D9 Staff Office
    • A Taldan quarto titled "Her Majesty's Honorable Nightcap" by Charent worth 10 gp
  • D10 Nurse Station
    • Healer's kit
    • Two potions of cure light wounds
  • Aggra "Bag Lady" Loomis
    • Bracer's of Armor +2
    • Harrow deck worth 100 gp (The card "The Foreign Trader" depicts a veiled figure in yellow bearing an armful of misshapen rubies)
    • 200 gp in coins and jewelry
    • Pearl tooth worth 18 gp
  • F2 Hall of oneirogens
    • Book of Extended Summoning (UE 283) keyed to chaotic alignment
  • F3 Zandalus' Den
    • Collection of Zandalus' artwork worth 1,200 in Versex county
    • Eight pouches with 50 gp each
    • Wand of Command (38 charges)
    • Elixir of truth
    • Scroll of Summon Monster III
    • The Chain of Nights worth 1,100 to the right collector
  • Zandalus
    • Oil of magic weapon
    • Potion of Bear's Endurance
    • Potion of cure Moderate wounds
    • Potion of invisibility
    • +1 light mace
  • The Tatterman
    • +1 war razor
    • Ring of Protection +1


  1. Quick Question

    For objects with variable value (like Zandalus' artwork), can we cash it at that value? Or Research on new treatments for hydrocephalus? Or Chains of Nights?

  2. Okay. Here's a link to a Google Sheet with the total values broken out. Total per capita gold would be $4736.18 (after rounding.)

    Important assumptions:

    1. Sell price is 1/2 list price.
    2. Everything is saleable.
    3. Objects with GP values included sell at that value.

    The "buy from list" is the price to buy out everyone else's share of the item. I.E. (Sale Price)*(6/7).

    There are MASSIVE incentives to buy out other character's shares of items. Specifically, you pay 6/7s of half price. It's a big discount.

    E.G. Ring of Protection is normally $2000. You can pick it up for $857.14

    There's also a "Bought" column. Flag things as Bought when you buy them because there's only one of some things. Like Red Destiny (I already added the hold on that, so it's a great example.)